Patient Info

Our insurance administrators take great pride in helping you by processing dental insurance claims so that you, as the patient, can receive the maximum dental benefit from the dental insurance company that your employer has provided. Should your dental insurance company have any questions about the services our office has provided, we will gladly provide dental x-rays and a written diagnostic report to show the necessity of the dental treatment. Please remember that your dental plan is a benefit provided by your employer. You can normally expect the dental insurance company to Dental Insuranceprovide you a benefit that pays a portion of your dental fee.

We will always offer you our best dental services without regard to the limitations imposed by your insurance coverage. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact the insurance office where you are usually seen and our insurance administrators will be happy to help you. Even if we are not an in-network provider for your insurance, we would love the opportunity to meet and convince you to join our practice.


Currently, our office accept in-network and PPO patients.

To avoid the early arrival please provide us with the following forms already filled out: